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August 2023 - Exercise and Nutrition

August 2022 - Trip to Atlantic City

August 2022 - Arts and Crafts

August 2022 - Trip to Flea Market

August 2022 - Exercise and Picnic at Warren Park

September 2022 - Birthday Celebration

September 2022 - Visit to Earth's Best Organics Farm in Pennsylvania

September 2022 - Memory Class

September 2022 - Cruise on Cornucopia

September 2022 - Exercise at Birchwood Apartments

September 2022 - Office of Aging Annual Senior Walk

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Foreclosure Presentation Course

Course Description

Helping homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulty to better understand what foreclosure may mean is the platform for the foreclosure education course. It’s designed to provide valuable information about the when, where, why, and what your next steps should be during such a stressful time. Most importantly, it defines the tools available to you if faced with the difficult decision of foreclosure. This course also prepares homeowners with information to navigate away from the potential scams they may be presented with during the foreclosure process.

Course Curriculum

Course Fee: No Charge
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