Senior Services Center (SSC)

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About SSC

What is the Senior Services Center?

The Senior Services Center (SSC) is a direct service provider that has operated for over 40 years and addresses the broad spectrum of unmet needs facing Middlesex County seniors. As the program title suggests, the target population of the SSC are individuals aged 55 years and older who reside in Middlesex County.

Due to overwhelming community need, the SSC is the agency’s largest program in terms of client volume, with approximate annual service total of 1,200 unduplicated individuals.

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What services are provided by SSC?

Services provided by the SSC to seniors focus on elderly-specific hardships that encumber quality of life and impede independent living. Indicators of well-being services by the program include:

General Health

Mental Health


Affordable Healthcare Access

Documents Assistance

Benefits Access

Housing Management

Financial Management

Fitness and Wellness Classes

Recreational and Cultural Activities

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