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About LIT Tech Camps

“Latinos in Tech” is a computer science and leadership enrichment program for Middlesex County residents between grades 8 and 12. PRAHD and LIT recognize young people interested in STEM and Computer Science need a challenging environment to develop their skills to access future college or professional careers. They also need nurturing leadership development to navigate the unique experiences they will face once they enter college and the workforce. Through monthly Micro and Mini Camps and a Summer Camp, we are committed to making skillful and thoughtful future professionals.

2023 - 2024 Program Schedule

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Register for Upcoming LIT Events

LIT Tech Camp - Eng

6-Week Summer Camp | June 8, 2024
from 12 to 3 pm

Please register at this link:

Play 2024 Micro Camp Games

March 2024 Micro Camp

Please use the links below to play “Flappy Code” games by LIT Scholars.

LIT April 2024 Micro Camp flyer

Please use the links below to play “Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code” games by LIT Scholars.

View LIT 2023 Individual Web Pages

Please use the links below to view some of the LIT Scholars’ Web Pages.

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LIT Philosophy

PRAHD and LIT recognizes young people need a challenging and nurturing space to navigate the unique experiences they face within the world around them. We firmly believe that no circumstance is too limiting and no skill is too hard — and every participant can gain proper access to the skills and leadership perspectives to succeed in today’s increasingly technologically driven world.

Our program helps young people immerse themselves in technology with the freedom to adopt whichever level of skill-intensity currently works best for them (ex. ranging from beginner skills for recreational use to more advanced development for future employment purposes).

As participants gather general technology skills, they are challenged to develop the necessary leadership identity with a focus on community action to ensure their skills can produce intricate and powerful outcomes for them, their family, and their community.

Give a Little, Change a Lot

Together We Can Make a Difference

Special Thank You

PRAHD and LIT are grateful to the grant funding provided by CHPRD, Santander, and PSEG. Please check out their website for more information about their organizations:

Latinas in Tech

Latinas in Tech (LIT) was a six week computer science, coding, leadership development, community action, and scholarly research camp held in the summer of 2022. Participants had the use of brand new laptops purchased with grant funds and additional help from HP. They also built individual web pages based on their leadership skills and community action research. There was a group project of making a new Entre Mujeres web page for the PRAHD website.

To learn more about Latinas in Tech and view participants’ web pages, follow this link:

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