The impact of self-Care on mental health

Improving personal hygiene is very important but why? It’s because it affects your mental health. Not many people know that Mental health and skincare go hand in hand. It’s a cycle, if you don’t care for yourself your mental health goes down and vice versa. Skincare forces you to take time and work on yourself. There have been many studies that prove that skin care actually helps. Not only do we want our skin to look nice we also want it to look healthy. At some point many people have struggled with their skin, it’s made people frustrated and insecure. Here you’ll be able to feel more confident and feel healthier by learning the impact of skincare on mental health.

Mental Health

When you start struggling with mental health you might feel unmotivated. You stop doing things you enjoy doing, you stop socializing, and you stop taking care of yourself. For example, people won’t take showers, eat, change clothes, or do skincare. This is a problem because mental health shouldn’t be an obstacle for people. People should be able to enjoy life instead of feeling unmotivated. There should be ways to overcome mental illnesses in an enjoyable way. Sometimes people don’t find going to therapy or talking to people to coop with their mental health helpful. Another way of healing mental health is by self-care.

The Facts

“The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

“Hygiene behaviors may also be linked to mental health status, as previous studies have found that psychological distress, low self-esteem, and unhappiness are associated with poor personal hygiene. Reduced mental health status in adolescents may lead to unfavorable hygiene behaviors and an increased risk of infections.” (1)

“Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting up to 50 million Americans annually. Acne usually begins in puberty and affects many adolescents and young adults.” (2)

What do people have to say about this?

“I believe self-care has an impact on your mental health because the way you treat yourself physically can affect you emotionally. If you build up good habits, it can impact you greatly mentally.”

Jaylin Valdez

“I noticed when I was struggling with mental health, I stopped caring about myself, I started not caring about myself and didn’t care about my appearance. I felt gross but I never did anything about because I had not motivation”

Ivan Franco

“I definitely think self-care is important because if you don’t take care of yourself and you can’t take care of others”

Melanie Vasquez

How to start!

Create a small simple schedule that you can follow every night. For example,

  1. Take a shower or bath
  2. Do your skincare routine
  3. Brush your teeth

This small routine can help you feel relaxed and clean. It’ll help you look better and feel better.

Make it enjoyable

Self-care shouldn’t feel like an annoying task to do. It should be something you look froward to at the end of the day. Self-care forces you to take time with yourself and it forces you to get to know yourself better. So, it’s important to make it fun.

  • Make your own playlist, listen to music you like while doing self-care
  • Buy essential oils, there might be smells that make you feel relaxed and comfortable
  • Buy bath bombs. It can make baths super fun

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Skin conditions by the numbers ( (2)

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