Food Insecurity

K. Alejandrina

“The only way to fail is by not trying”

– Unknown

Mission Statement

Food insecurity in growing youth is a growing issue in the city of Perth Amboy. Food insecurity now looks very different than what it used to look like when we were children. Now it’s kids stealing from grocery stores or going home from school going to sleep to avoid hunger. Pantries are bare and families are struggling to stock fridges. The worst part of these community issues is that there are so many resources available to the youth and their families to help curb hunger. Our community has an array of clubs and programs actively fighting hunger in the residents. In this website I will share different resources and programs for meals and food available in our community of Perth Amboy.

Mission Statement

  • Around 800,000 New Jersey residents face food insecurity‚Ķ 200,000 of those people are kids.
  • 1 in 8 People in the United States face hunger.
  • Many families turn to food banks for help because they do not qualify for federal Nutrional programs like SNAP & school lunch programs.
  • Children of Black and Latino households are twice as likely to face food insecurity and hunger opposed to White households.
  • Many children rely on school breakfast and lunches for consistent meals.

Local Resources

Community Testimonials

Parents View

“To be honest; some nights I don’t even cook dinner. By the time I get off of work my mom has already fed my kids dinner, they are asleep by the time I pull into the driveway. Once we get home, I have to cook dinner, clean up and get ready for the next day. The worst is when I spend 2 hours baking a chicken and my kids won’t eat it because it isn’t in the shape of a Dino…. I would have been better off making Ramen again [but then I would have felt like a bad mom]. “

-Samantha J., Single mother of 2.

“Spending the entire day at work and coming home to stand some more is exhausting. I feel bad because I know you guys are hungry, and I am too but sometimes mommy is more tired than hungry. I try to always keep frozen foods and meals in the fridge so the girls can make something when I’m not around. On weekends I cook big meals so we can eat on weeknights together.”

-Rufina V., Married Mother of 2

Child’s Point of View

“Sometimes I have to eat dinner and do my homework. Mommy made bird chicken… but I only like dino chicken like we have at school.”

Selena J., 7

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