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What are the virtual learning pods?

PRAHD’s virtual learning pods provide parents with a safe space to leave their children during school hours so that they can go to work with peace of mind. Our virtual pods provide educational support, enrichment, and nutritional services to the children. Given the COVID-19 concerns, our pod groups are kept small, properly spaced apart, masks must be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained, supplies and food are not shared, and frequent hand-washing and temperature screens are mandatory. 

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How do the virtual learning pods work?

PRAHD’s virtual learning pods consist of two pod clusters. One pod cluster is for students ages 6-13. The other pod cluster is for preschool and Kindergarten students. All students are separated and protected with spray barriers and masks. Our students and staff are required to wash their hands and sanitize frequently throughout the day. The virtual pod spaces are also cleaned and disinfected every day. All staff and students must have their temperature scanned prior to entering the pod daily. Also, in order to facilitate maximum concentration, our students were issued headphones with microphones so that they would not disturb the other students. 


Each student is provided a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack free of charge. Once the children are finished with virtual school, they engage in arts and craft activities and enjoy snacks provided free of charge. 

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